life is walking on a tightrope
finding the right type of balance
the fine line between too much and too little
mixing the right amounts of relaxing
working, loving
obtaining merits
we must find ourselves
our hobbies and our priorities
the rolling wind, torrential hail
find out
what we value, what we love
look past what’s beneath us
and look to what’s ahead of us
leap over the wobbly areas
glide over the blood and bruises
we mustn’t drag down
mustn’t sit
mustn’t get caught up in the hurricane
of filled-up calendars and messed-up lives
we must continue to stand
despite the obstacles
figure out a way
to move forward
we mustn’t stay in the same place

we must define happiness
pursue happiness
find a clear direction
define success
pursue success
find a purpose
we mustn’t trip accidentally
fall remorsefully

we can sprint across the tightrope
without getting hurt
or even do cartwheels
without any danger
some days the breeze can bring us forward
and we needn’t carry anything
no worries, no nothing
no weight, no strain
but other days
we struggle with the simplest of crawling
and we end up staying still
not moving
hanging on
with only one finger
while we battle and contemplate
should we keep on trying (struggling) kicking thin air
or should we be lazy
go easy
let go and

for if we survive
we are successful
we have made it through
we have conquered fear
our thoughts are the obstacles that torment us
we are our own demons
we cause our depression and constant misery
the eternal dark cloud and the bad-hair months
we are our own light at the end of the ceaseless tunnel
we can end this never-ending bleak night

we don’t have to look down or stop
we can look ahead
without fear
without doubt
without ever believing that anything will go wrong
we can do this.

yet how many people do?
how many people stick to their faith
and continue despite the lightning storm and the alluring baits?
how many people try to persist
and continue to walk despite the damp blood stains?
it is our choice
it was always our choice
we are free to chose
we are free to find a way
now it’s time for your decision
now it’s time for you to answer
life is a tightrope
the tightrope is thin
do you want to stay?