fuck romance

how do you cope when the closest person to you suddenly seems so far away?

when he used to care, but now he doesn’t. does he even understand you? why do i need people to understand me anyways. i’m good enough on my own and i can be strong enough. who the fuck needs that bullshit romance to clutter up my life and make me happy. who needs that shoulder to lie on or that arm to hold?

it’s just fucking bullshit Disney made up. love and movies and dreams - grow the fuck up and get a life. face the real world and realize that love is fake, people aren’t real, what you grew up dreaming about will never happen because that’s why they are dreams.

they are just stars in the sky you will never reach and scenes you play on repeat in your mind but will never happen - because you know what, you don’t need that naiveté in your life. you can handle it on your own. you’re a grown-up now. all of life’s stresses, all your own jumble of fuck shitting thoughts that are rolling around - you don’t need someone else to pretend to care.

it’s too risky, putting all your chances onto one person. one out of 7 billion people - hell, are you insane?

if you spread that focus to say, 5 people even, you get lower risk and much higher chances of return. why go for the one person when you can have so much more?

love is just some concept advertisers made up. advertisers like don draper in "mad men", who made up love to sell coke and shit to consumers like us. consumers who don’t understand anything so we dream - dream of falling in love, into the arms of our loved ones, of kids and family and living happily ever after.

but there is no happily ever after. there are only happy moments. short ones. they flicker; they pass quickly. the rest is black, dark, nothing.