there is no one way to live

i was going to write this a bit earlier, but it really just hit me now.

i was at MIT two weekends ago, volunteering and teaching for a student organization, and this is what I realized: MIT students are weird (in a good way of course). as in, their norm is different from what I grew up with.

i spent twelve years of my life at an elite and rich international school and another two years at USC, which includes a pretty similar demographic. the seemingly “cool” people are the ones who are the loudest on social media, party often, wear makeup, look pretty, don all the nice USC gear on game days and are very social.

but at MIT, the norm is being super geeky and nerdy. at usc, they might be discriminated against, but at MIT, there is a place for them.

it just made me realize how big the world is. even though i’ve traveled quite a bit, i still have a limited worldview.

for me, it’s pre-determined that you should be a well-rounded person - get good grades, get internships over the summer, get a good job, get married have kids etc. everything’s planned out already.

only recently did i realize that you really can do anything with your life.

take me. i blog and sorta write, go to therapy once in awhile, have a close relationship with my boyfriend, went through depression, had some internships, like reading tech trends, am interested in design, love talking to people or just hearing people talk, love discovering new music, love singing in the shower, used to read a lot of self-improvement books because i had trouble improving myself and still do etc. 

so those are some of the things that make up myself. i also tend to lose myself in thought pretty often, and tend to forget things if i don't write them down. 

my point is, 
there’s no one way to use your time.

at the end of the day, no one’s gonna care if you didn’t make twenty million friends at college or didn't get "wasted af" each weekend - once you meet new people, all that baggage is gone, at least temporarily. 

despite my shortcomings, i can still make new friends. people don’t judge you that much on that, as long as you’re nice.

people are okay with you not being mainstream. it’s okay to show your true self and it's okay to talk to random people even though it will be awkward 99% of the time. stop laughing at yourself and believe that you are just as worthy as everyone else out there because there is no one way to live life. there is no one way to be great. 

so shut the damn up and go love yourself, please. this is a loud note to self. 

(I would insert a shameless selfie for self love here but i do maintain a certain distance from my blog for professional purposes so I'll just leave it at that for now. thanks, love.)