tip: ask more questions

i recently came across an article by business insider titled 14 skills everyone should learn in their 20s and it kept sticking in my mind. one of the skills was "how to start an interesting conversation" - something i've been struggling with for so long.

and today i made an effort to try to improve. although i typically have trouble socializing with strangers and people i don't know that well, today it was better.  

in the past, i would worry that people would think i’m weird if i keep on talking or keep asking people questions - would I be too personal, or annoying? but now i realized, fuck that. if you ask people questions, at least you show that you are interested in them. at least they see your effort to want to connect with them no matter how annoying you may seem. in return, they will then ask you something which would lead to more meaningful conversations.

this is, after all, how humans, as social creatures, build connections with each other. think about your typical conversation flow with your best friend - you may offer opinion on something, share something you read or saw, share your experiences somewhere, ask him/her questions, listen to his/her stories. it's all the same, even with stranger.   

so don't be afraid to ask questions. 

i'm a hardcore introvert in social situations as i often find myself at a loss at what to do. do i sit down, or start a conversation, or walk around? worse even when it's a group setting - who should i focus on, who should i talk to? so i'll try to have more one-on-one conversations as that is what i excel in. 

i'm not a boring person, i hope. so it shouldn't be that hard. 

best luck to you all, 
the blunt artist  


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